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时间:2017-12-22 17:11来源: 作者:美华小编点击:




Interpersonal Communication and Public Speaking


授课老师:Allison Gengler (美籍)

Instructor: Allison Gengler (U.S.)

教师背景: 加拿大肯高迪亚大学本科和研究生学位 本科专业英语教育,研究生专业国际发展艺术

Background: Master of Arts in International Development 丨Concordia University   

TESOL 丨 Concordia University

Q:what’s the goal of your course?

问: 这个课程的目的目标是什么?

A:I want to prepare students to communicate in a lot of diverse settings,and prepare them for their future.I teach them how to communicate and the best way of doing that.  I think it is going to be good for university and it’s going to be good for the future jobs if they can communicate with a wide range of people.

答: 我想要帮助学生对未来各种场合的沟通和未来都做好准备。 课程主要教授他们如果进行沟通,和什么样的沟通方式是最好的。 我认为通过更好的和更广泛的人群都能有效交流,这对他们未来的大学生涯和职业生涯都是有帮助的。





Q:So, it is not limited to academic purposes only?


A: No. We do communication in groups, and we do communication for professional and causal settings and we do public speaking.

答: 对。 我们学习如何在小组进行交流, 还学习如何在职业场景和生活场景进行交流, 以及我们学习如果做一个好的公众演讲。




Q: How do you train them to do public speaking? Chinese students really don’t do so well in that since they don’t have a chance to practice.

问: 你是如何训练他们做演讲的呢, 中国学生在公开演讲几乎没有锻炼的机会,所以一直不擅长这一块。

A: We prepare for a long time. We work on each aspects of a speech, introduction, conclusion, body of the speech, and confidence. We work on planning out of the speech, making sure they feel comfortable with the language (English), so that they have the confidence to give speeches in front of their classmates.

We do role play speeches like how to have a good, productive talk with your parents. Or how to have important conversation with a teacher about a problem you are having.  E.g. an argument or disagreement. We learned about those conversations and then we planned those and then we did a role play in front of the class in small groups.

答: 我们通常做很长时间的准备。 我们就一个演讲的不同部分,例如开头、结尾,演讲中间段,和建立信心逐步来做。 就整个演讲我们会做一个整体规划, 同时确保学生能自在的使用语言(英语), 这样他们就可以自信的站在他们的同班同学面前来演讲了。

我们还会做角色扮演来模拟,比如如何和你的父母进行一个好的有意义的对话, 又或者是如何和老师进行一个关于你现在面临的问题的重要的对话。 可以是争论或者表达不同意见。 我们会先学习整个对话的过程,然后我们以小组的形式在台上展现这些不同的对话。




Q:How do you think our students preformed?


A:I think they did really well.  If I compared the first speech that happened in October to the speech they did yesterday.  There is a huge, huge difference. They are a lot more confident, they are a lot more comfortable.  And now they are including more personal stories and making jokes in their speeches.  They are more engaged with the audience.  They used to read straight from a paper, and now some of them don’t even bring a paper.

答: 我觉得他们很棒。 如果我把他们10月份的第一次演讲和昨天的演讲进行比较,就会发现他们已经完全不一样了。 他们更自信了也更自在了。 他们还会在演讲中融入一些个人经历,还会在演讲过程中讲段子了。 同时和观众的交流度也更高了。 他们以前都是从一张纸上直接念出来他们的内容,现在很多学生在演讲的时候已经可以完全脱稿了。




Q: Tell me about the first time they went on stage, how did they do?


A: There were a lot of pronunciation errors, a lot of grammatical errors, and they were very nervous, very short speeches.  So, I said the first speech only needed to be over one minute and most students were around 30 seconds, because they were really nervous and talking very fast.  Yesterday’s speech was supposed to be two minutes and the most of them went for 3 or 4 minutes.  So, they were a lot more comfortable to give speeches.

答: 以前他们演讲过程中有大量的发音和语法错误, 他们那会也特别特别的紧张,给出来的演讲都是非常短的。 我告诉他们第一次演讲讲第一分钟就好了。但是大部分学生都只讲了大概30秒, 因为他们都超级紧张,语速也特别快。 昨天的演讲给大家的时间是2分钟,但是大部分学生都讲了3到4分钟。他们现在对于演讲这件事已经感觉舒服自然的多了。




Q:That’s because they accumulate experience over the time?

问: 是因为他们已经慢慢积累了经验的原因么?

A: Yes, and their English is definitely getting better.  I think other classes like academic writing they are taking are improving their English. And they are able to use a broader range of vocabulary in their speeches, which I think made them feel more comfortable giving the speech that are more academic sounding.

答: 是的,而且和他们的英语提升了也有关系。 我觉得他们在学校上的一些其他的课程例如学术写作,帮助他们提升了英语。这样他们可以使用的词汇量更大了, 使用这些更加学术化的词汇,也帮助他们提升了演讲的自信心。




Q: Any advice for students who are going to do public speaking in major events?


A: I think just be prepared, know your material.  Feel comfortable and confident in whatever you have written down, because in that way you will remember more.  Always including something personal, personal story or something people will remember that will keep people’s attention. Smile and remember to breathe, take a deep breath before you start. 

答: 我认为首先要好好准备,了解你要讲的内容。 不论你准备了什么内容,以充满自信的态度和让您舒适的表达方式写下来,这样会让你记得更牢。 永远记得在演讲过程中加入一些个人的故事或者能让人记住的事情,这样观众的注意力才会集中在你身上。 最后,上台前保持微笑,别忘记呼吸, 深吸一大口气就 可以开始了。




在上周, Allison制定了当周的话题——目标。 为了更好的让学生们理解什么样的目标才算是一个好的,可执行的目标,她要求每一个学生制定三个目标, 一个大的目标,例如变成一个更友善、更努力、更有勇气的人; 一个学术方向的小目标;一个和自己喜欢的东西有关的目标。  我们来看看同学们的目标都是什么吧!

Last week, Allison brought a new topic --- goal. For better explain a good, feasible goal, she asked everyone to make three goals.  One personal virtual goal, such as be a better person, be more courageous, to be more kind; one academic goal; and one goal based on their passion.  Let’s see what are the goals from our students.




Once they set their goals, Allison would then use a work sheet to explain what a good goal should consist of.

GOAL SETTING SPEECH                              

NAME:   ______________








• Caring

• Confidence  WHICH ONES DO YOU ADMIRE? (3)

• Kindness  _____________

• Courage

• Perseverance  WHICH ONES DO YOU POSSESS? (3)

• Courtesy  _____________

• Respect

• Enthusiasm

• Responsibility  WHICH ONES DO YOU WANT TO WORK ON? (3)

• Patience  ______________

• Generosity

• Truthfulness






To be honest I was quite surprised while I was taking those video footages.  I was surprised at how good their speeches were, and I was even more surprised at how comfortable they felt on stage.  They joked about how the presence of a video camera would make them nervous before the class started, but the fact is, none of them looked nervous.  Their speeches were not flawless but they seemed to enjoy the moment, and I guess that all that matters. These are who we are proudly calling AIA students. 

说实话, 小编在录影的时候还是很吃惊的。 一方面源于他们演讲的质量,而更让人吃惊的是在他们在台上的自如程度。 上课之前学生们笑闹着说录影会让他们很紧张,但实际上,每一个人上台后都没有紧张。 他们的演讲当然不是完美的, 但是我想能享受每一个在台上的瞬间才更重要。 这些同学正是让我们骄傲的称为美华学生的人。


Special thanks to Allison, who’s teaching inspired those students.  And students from Class One, 10th Grade, who’s talent and passion are unmistakable.

特别鸣谢Allison老师,通过她的课堂学生得到了极大的启发。 也同时感谢10年级一班的同学,你们的才华和热情都不会被错失。